Terms and conditions




For booking request it is mandatory a passport copy for international flights and I.D. for domestic flights, as well as passenger contact numbers and e-mail.

It is the passenger´s responsibility to verify if the itinerary, name and surname are correct, before the issuance of the respective air ticket.

Prior to ticketing, bookings made are subject to change or cancellation without notice by the carrier. Rates will only be guaranteed after the ticket is issued.

Any reservations made without issuance of ticket, are subject to rate change or cancellation without prior notice by the carrier.

Change of names cannot be done, after reservation or issuance of the ticket. A new booking must be made, which means you can lose the rate quoted.


All promotional fares are subject to the availability of the desired date and time.

The promotional fare communicated will always be maintained as long as there is availability. In case of unavailability of the promotional fare, it is solely and exclusively dependent on the flexibility of the client. One may have to consider another date and time where there are still available in the promotional fare intended.

Some promotional fares do not allow changes, or refunds.


These should be specified at time of booking. We will endeavor to assist with these, but cannot guarantee such. Please provide us the details of your dietary requirements, or any other request.



Seat reserves in economy class in almost all airlines, are made with payment, they are subject to change without prior notice due to the airline’s aircraft change.


The passenger is responsible for ensuring that the contracted fare has the baggage allowance according to its travel need, by the time that the passenger receives the ticket “on same day of issuance“.

Any claim related to the loss, theft of luggage must be done and dealt directly and exclusively with the airline related.

When two or more separate air tickets with different baggage allowances is issued to obtain lower fares, the possibility of direct check-in will always be dependent on the terms and conditions of the corresponding carrier.

In case of delay or cancellation of the first flight/ticket, the airline will not be responsible for the next flight nor will it incur hotel and other expenses related.

TRAVEL DOCUMENTS (passport, visa, health)::

The onus is on each passenger to check that all travel documents are in order. This includes passport validity (minimum of 6 months after intended return date and a minimum of 2 blank pages).

All matters relating to entry or transit visas, re-entry permits, vaccinations cards and/or travel authorizations for unaccompanied minors are the sole responsibility of the passenger or the entity concerned.

With reference to visas, you may purchase a dual-entry TOURIST visa at most Mozambique entry points subject to Immigration’s Terms and Conditions. The cost is approximately USD $50. You need to carry proof of accommodation signed by the Hotel and an onward air ticket. At present, some SADC member state nationals are exempt of visas for Mozambique. 

If a rental car is booked, the passenger must present a valid driver’s license and credit card.


Passengers travelling with Camy Travel Advisor Lda., are required to take out comprehensive travel insurance that covers cancellation & curtailment of trip, illness, baggage loss & default. By reading these Terms & Conditions, it´s assumed that the passenger has travel insurance.

By reading these Terms & Conditions, it is assumed that the passenger has travel insurance.


No payments that do not involve immediate issuance of the ticket, will guarantee the final price of the ticket.

Payment by check or bank transfer is only considered valid at the time of good collection or confirmation of the receipt of proof of payment by the consultant.

The delay in confirming/sending proof of payment of the ticket by the methods indicated, because of the client, implies risk of change of the tariffs in the ticket on the moment of its actual issuance.

accepted payment methods include bank transfer, cash and credit card.

For payment by bank transfer, please make sure bank charges are for your account.

In making payment you confirm that you have received, read and accepted these Terms & Conditions.


Passengers are reminded to cancel flight reservations at least 24 hours prior to departure with the airline concerned.

Failure to do so will result in a No Show, which will have its implications.


It is the client’s responsibility to inform if a flexible fare, which allows a refund/change of date and/or change of route for the tickets is desired, prior to the purchase of the ticket; otherwise the agency chooses the basic fare that does not allow future changes.

In case of a flexible fare, there is always a penalty for changing the initial conditions of the ticket, which varies according to the terms and conditions of each airline.

In cases of reimbursement, the airline deducts the amount of any penalties applied and only the remainder is due.

The passenger should also be aware that there are fares that do not allow reimbursement and/or change of dates implying the total loss of the amount paid in case of not making it to the trip on the scheduled dates and/or cancellation of the reservation well in advance, in case of withdrawal.


Camy Travel Advisor Lda., in making arrangements for transportation, hotel accommodation or any other service, acts as agent only and is not liable as the main one. Shall not be liable for any injury, accident ,death, loss, damage, theft, delay or inconvenience, whatsoever, caused during any journey, tour, hotel or other facility arranged or booked by Camy Travel Advisor Lda.

Camy Travel Advisor Lda., cannot be held responsible or liable for any delays prior to departure or during the course of any trip, whether brought about by technical difficulties, strikes, adverse weather conditions or any other foreseen/unforeseen circumstances.


The airline concerned is not to be responsible for any act, omission or event during the time the passengers are not aboard their aircraft.

The passenger ticket in use by the airline, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the airline and purchaser of these tickets and/or passenger.


Camy Travel Advisor Lda., reserves the right to charge an amendment fee to confirmed reservations in addition to any cancellation charges that may be applicable.


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